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Belgü Textile is Woven Manufacturer for export market established in 1991. Desired quality is to quarantee the timely shipment next to price understanding. Our pruduct category is; mostly pant&trousers and besides of this skirt&shorts both from denim&non-denim group. With concentrated completely to exporting brings all our customers meet their social responsibility.

Environment and employees of moving the company with a vision to become a sensitive Belgu Textile has adoptable the principle of sustainable with Oeko-Tex and Occupational Health and Safety.

The main objective of our products and strengthen our product level, what better way can improve the quality of our education is to improve every day.

Belgu Textile Policy

* As a company, without cause all our activities we aim to work with the waste material and time efficiency,

* We will ensure to use the raw material,materials and energy efficiently, will support the recycling with work by reducing waste, will eliminate waste that can not be evaluated using appropriate methods,

* We continuously develop and improve the our Environmental, Occupational Health, Safety and Quality Management responsibility,

* We will take precautions to avoid be affected by our activities that may negatively effect our employees and people's health, may come into possession of own and other parties accidents, damage and danger to control in the early stages,

* We comply with the rules relating to the companies we are suppliers or customers Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Quality guarantees,

* We will make the life philosophy of understanding the Quality Management System, Safety and Occupational Health, Environment with educating our employees,

* We will comply the Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Regulations and try to reach a better level than the limits which are in the Regulations of the related foundation,

* With Targets work, we will make the appropriate continuous improvement philosophy and system, to system management in all processes, activities constantly going to improve all staff assimilate going and working depends on our goals in this direction, market share, profitability, we will increase the competitiveness

































Departments in Headquarters


* Sales&Marketing

* Production Planning

* Fabric and Accessorize Procurement

* Sampling


* Human Resources

* Administration and Finance


* Quality Control

* Test Laboratory

* Cutting


* Finishing&Packaging

* Sewing (Sewing organizations are making by approved subcontractors)

* Washing (Washing organizations are making by approved subcontractors)



Belgü Tekstil Üretim Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
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Phone: +90 232 328 26 58(PBX)
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E-Mail: info@belgu.com